Left Player

  • Use Jetpack - W
  • Move Left/Right - A/D
  • Toggle Shield On/Off - Space

Right Player

  • Use Jetpack - Up
  • Move Left/Right - Left/Right
  • Toggle Shield On/Off - RCtrl

Runic Dominance is a 2-player local multiplayer game where you're trying to change the rune in the middle of the battlefield to your color.

  • Hit the balls randomly spawned in the scene.
  • Whenever you hit a ball, the ball takes your color.
  • Whenever a ball hits a piece of the rune in the middle, the rune takes the ball's color.
  • Use your shield to stabilize yourself mid-air and hit a ball with an angle.
  • Try to turn the rune into your color as much as possible. When the timer ends, whoever has the majority of the rune will be the winner.

Made for GGJ 2016 in ATOM, Ankara, Turkey.

Made by:

  • Arhan Bakan (programming)
  • Tuna Tolga Gülşen (art)

Special thanks to:

  • Erdem Yeni (runes)
  • Duygu Karabakal (background)
  • Barış Yaman (music)

Global Game Jam Entry Page: http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/runic-domination